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Today is Ride to Work Day, an event promoted by the motorcycle community to highlight the congestion-busting potential of motorcycles and scooters – and to encourage those bikers who normally only ride at weekends to use their bikes for work as well as leisure.

The RAC Foundation is a great supporter of the motorcycle as part of the transport mix. In urban areas motorcyclists and scooters are part of the solution to congestion, while in rural areas a bike or scooter can make it possible for young people and those on low incomes who can’t afford a car to have access to the work or educational opportunities that car drivers often take for granted. The motorcycle or scooter offers the flexibility and convenience of the car, while causing less congestion and, for the vast majority of models, less pollution.

One simple measure that would encourage motorcycle commuting and improve safety is allowing “powered two wheelers” to use London’s bus lanes. The unedited Transport for London study showed that there are safety benefits for bikers, pedestrians and pedal cyclists so it’s a real disappointment that the pedal cycle lobby remains vehemently opposed, on what seems to be ideological and emotional grounds, to this safety move. Boris Johnson made opening the bus lanes a manifesto pledge and the Foundation hopes he will stick to his guns on this one.

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